Succesful Transitions”
You’ve invested significantly to find and hire the best candidate. But nearly 50% of new leaders will fail within the first 18 months (HBR, 2005) at great expense to you—in hard dollar separation and replacement costs as well as lost time and opportunity costs.

New leaders fail not because you’ve selected the wrong person, but because they:
  • Failed to understand and establish a fit with the current culture.
  • Didn’t truly build successful staff, team and peer relationships they thought they did.
  • Had a limited ability to influence
  • Were unclear about expectations-particularly regarding the level of change
  • Didn’t know how to recognize and navigate landmines.

“Successful Transitions” dramatically increases the odds of success by helping new leaders recognize and reduce these common de-railers.

“I’ve always been successful. But when I entered a new role, in a new organization, I encountered challenges I did not even realize were there. ‘Successful Transitions’ helped me avoid the fate of many who do not succeed. Instead I am being considered for promotion”.
VP Marketing, Technology Sector


Teamwork. It’s one of the biggest buzzwords in business today.

We hire team players and expect teamwork, because high performing teams present a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace. Some organizations invest large sums in teambuilding events—but, unfortunately, research suggests that most of them fail to improve team or business performance.

“TEAM-ADVANTAGE” targets the real issues that prevent organizations from realizing the full benefits of high performing teams.

Benefits of the TEAM-ADVANTAGE” program:

  • Achieve alignment around vision and strategies
  • Build trust and confidence
  • Improve conflict management skills
  • Cultivate shared leadership where all members contribute
  • Create open, direct, and effective communication that supports your goals



  • A successful executive committed to even greater success?
  • Too busy putting out fires to focus clearly on your larger mission?
  • Taking on new, possibly unfamiliar responsibilities?
  • Continually stretching to do more with less?
  • Feeling guilty that you aren’t doing more at home, at work, or both?
“Better Results, Less Effort” enables successful executives to accomplish more with less. Yes, really…. better results with less effort!

“I was sure I was beyond help, yet I knew I could not continue the way I was going, so I decided to give it a try. “Better Results-Less Effort” helped me more than I could have imagined”
Vice President Sales, Technology Sector

  • Clearer Vision And Greater Focus
  • Accelerated Results
  • Greater Professional Productivity And Satisfaction
  • More Personal Time