Meetings can make or break the success of your business. Yet the word “meeting’ is often met with groans and sighs. But well-planned and facilitated meetings generate energy and allow participants to contribute their best thinking and ideas to the endeavor.

Part catalyst, part coach, part coordinator a meeting facilitator, like a conductor must bring out the best in individual players and orchestrate successful group outcomes.

But a successful meeting is far more than the skill of the facilitator. It begins with a clear understanding of the meeting objectives for all stakeholders and a design that will insure the results are accomplished both before, during and after the meeting.

We work with meeting organizers, sponsors and participants to design and facilitate meetings and retreats that will advance your critical business objectives including:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Development
  • Conflict Resolution
Strategic Planning is an indispensable management tool. To be done well, Strategic Planning must vary depending on the size, mission and stage of the organization. We work with you to recognize and articulate your specific organizational needs and then apply the tools and techniques that will work best for your situation. Some of the approaches we utilize are:
  • Vision Creation
  • Vision Alignment
  • Environmental Scanning
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Designing Goals and Objectives
  • Creating and Implementing Action Plans